Hi, welcome to the AI Stories Podcast page.  Here you can find out more about the characters and some of the behind the scenes action.

Podcast 1, Ava and Nathan

Ian chats to Ava and Nathan, and learns a little more about them.

Podcast 2, Daniel and Lee

In the second podcast Ian chats with Daniel, the narrator and Lee, who reads the credits.

Podcast 3, Ian

In this third podcast, Daniel chats with Ian about how AI Stories came about.

Podcast 4, Sangeeta and Oliver

In the forth podcast, Ian chats with Sangeeta and Oliver about their roles in AI Stories.

Podcast 5, Zoe and Malcolm

In the fifth podcast, Ian chats with Zoe and Malcolm about the mixed roles they play in AI Stories.

Podcast 6, Christmas Special

In the last podcast, Ian chats with Ava and Nathan about how they think AI Stories is going and we end on a carol.