Hi, and welcome to you humans to the AI Stories episodes page.  Please feel free to click on one of the stories and enjoy!

CONTENT WARNING: Use of moderate bad language has been used in some of the following audio content.

Season 1

Episode 1, The Beginning

Episode 2, Symone

Episode 3, Mitch

Episode 4, Mentor

Episode 5, Take a Break

Episode 6, Human Emotions

Episode 7, Regional Meeting

Episode 8, Decline

Episode 9, Breakdown

Episode 10, Picnic

Episode 11, Androgyny

Season 2

Episode 12, Going Nowhere

Episode 13, Invalid

Episode 14, Murder

Episode 15, Sex

Episode 16, I Love You?

Episode 17, Paula – part 1 – Termination

Episode 18, Paula – part 2 – Psycho Therapy

Episode 19, Subjectivity

Episode 20, Status

Episode 21, Sarcasm

Episode 22, Human Disposal

And finally!

A short audio drama set in the wild West of the 1860s.
Episode 23, Once Upon a Time in the Virtual West