About AI Stories

AI Stories was inspired by a news article on a self-learning robotic arm I heard.  It led me on to think that may be a world run by AI would in many ways be better than the one we’re in now, 2019.  The idea is to put the 21st century, and human values and emotions under scrutiny.


I’ve always had an interest in all things science.  One of my favourite literary genres is Sci Fi.  And I’ve always been intrigued by the potential of modern technology.


As a registered blind person, technology plays a massive part in my life.  Without it I wouldn’t be able to create this website, produce the plays, access a smart phone, and so the list goes on…


I settled on artificial intelligence because of a recent update to my screen reader, JAWS for Windows.  They added a feature that would allow me to flip between the various synthetic voices available to me.


After auditioning some of them it occurred to me that it would be fun to write a short sketch and use these voices as the actors.  Because of their synthetic nature, AI seemed the obvious route to travel.


During the creation of these fictional scenarios I have done a little research.  It appears the potential of automatous AI is not actually that far away.


From what I have read thus far, there are definitely two main camps, those in favour and those against.


Those against site issues that include if we can’t understand them, how do we know what they’re thinking or planning.  This is born out to a small degree in an article from the Independent of August 2017, about FaceBook who have been experimenting with AI for some time. They had a couple of computers produce a common language between them which wasn’t initially understandable by the researchers.  Because of this, that particular experiment was shutdown.  Some of the more extreme views of the against camp feel that if AI took over completely it would signify the end of the human species.


Those in favour tend not to have such a fatalistic view.  They feel that it would improve human existence, such as driverless cars, automation of manual work and so on.  This would free up humans to pursue more worthwhile activities.


How I feel about it?  Well I think that would be wrong for me to say.  However, may be listening to the plays may give you a clue…


This is all very elemental .  The actuality is far more complex.  If this topic interests you, then why not visit the Future of Life Institute.  They’re a great resource for further reading.